Research topics we are interested in:
  • Interaction techniques for mobile, embedded, and ubiquitous systems
  • Crowdsourcing and human computation
  • Interaction techniques adapting to engagement, intend, or certainty
  • Supporting movement learning with technology

Open Thesis Topics

  • Active Navigation [Master Thesis]
  • Demonstrator for Pen and Paper Interfaces [Bachelor/Master Thesis]
  • My Steps, My Path: Automatic Surface Estimation for Walked Paths [Master Thesis]
  • AR Search for bookshelves [Master Thesis]
  • A Mobile Force Feedback Device and Path Planning Approach for Obstacle Avoidance [Master Thesis]
  • Visualization Framework for Motion Sensors [Master Thesis]

See theses page for more details.


Zap++ - An EMS System for Fine-Grained Wearable Force Feedback

Zap++ is an prototype stimulator for fine grained electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It is designed to enable complex, mobile EMS Feedback.


HapticHead is a novel around-the-head tactile display which can be used as an output system for moving tactile 3D guidance cues or immersive applications in Virtual- and Augmented Reality.

Let Your Body Move Toolkit

The Let Your Body Move ToolKit is a rapid prototyping toolkit for generating and testing mobile force feedback with electrical muscle stimulation.


Henning Pohl, Dennis Stanke, Michael Rohs
EmojiZoom is a novel emoji entry method for mobile devices built around zooming interaction. It allows for 18% faster emoji entry for novice users and large further improvement for trained users.