Research topics we are interested in:
  • Interaction techniques for mobile, embedded, and ubiquitous systems
  • Crowdsourcing and human computation
  • Interaction techniques adapting to engagement, intend, or certainty
  • Supporting movement learning with technology

Open Thesis Topics

  • Design and Usability of LED-based Pest Trap [Bachelor/Master Thesis]
  • The Influence of Notifications on Activities [Bachelor/Master Thesis]
  • Demonstrator for Pen and Paper Interfaces [Bachelor/Master Thesis]
  • Evaluation of Bluetooth 5 connections for sensor measurement [Bachelor Thesis]
  • My Steps, My Path: Automatic Surface Estimation for Walked Paths [Master Thesis]
  • Optimization and Evaluation of a Low-Noise Head-Mounted Tactile Interface [Master Thesis]
  • Guiding Visually Impaired Individuals around Obstacles and on Stairs using an Around-The-Head Vibrotactile Output Device [Master Thesis]

See theses page for more details.


MuscleIO: Muscle-Based Input and Output for Casual Notifications

MuscleIO is an interaction technique that uses the users muscle as an input and output device. We present on our project page the concept and our prototype. Resources to rebuild the system can also be found on the project page.


Pentelligence is a digital pen that recognizes handwriting with audio and motion data. It uses deep learning to achieve recognition rates of over 98% on digits without any writing instructions.

Zap++ - An EMS System for Fine-Grained Wearable Force Feedback

Zap++ is an prototype stimulator for fine grained electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It is designed to enable complex, mobile EMS Feedback.


HapticHead is a novel around-the-head tactile display which can be used as an output system for moving tactile 3D guidance cues or immersive applications in Virtual- and Augmented Reality.

Let Your Body Move Toolkit

The Let Your Body Move ToolKit is a rapid prototyping toolkit for generating and testing mobile force feedback with electrical muscle stimulation.


Henning Pohl, Dennis Stanke, Michael Rohs
EmojiZoom is a novel emoji entry method for mobile devices built around zooming interaction. It allows for 18% faster emoji entry for novice users and large further improvement for trained users.



International Workshop on Integrating Physical Activity and Health Aspects in Everyday Mobility at Ubicomp 2018 on October 8 in Singapore. The goal of this workshop is to investigate ways to integrate physical activity into everyday mobility in accordance with widely accepted health recommendations.
Submission deadline: July 10, 2018 (17:00 PST)